Basis of the Education Programme

ensemblebash are skilled educationalists, whose experience and ability led them to being chosen as the featured artists in the BT/NSMS Making More of Music tour for the autumn of 1995. The tour had the aim of encouraging access to music and the arts through an increased awareness of the role of music in the development of self-expression.


ensemblebash have run summer school courses at both the Dartington (since 1993) and Aberystwyth International Summer Schools and COMA as well as education projects around the country. The ensemblebash children's concert, devised as 'edutainment', has also received wide acclaim for its audience participation and demonstrations of Latin American and African music.

ensemblebash’s ability to link African music with the most contemporary of music, without resorting to being token or patronising, clearly has huge potential for outreach work.
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The World Tour concert focuses on the music of West Africa and Cuba. Not only is the music of tremendous importance in its own right, but the linking of these musics, and drawing parallels between the two, brings in many extra-curricular points such as the slave trade, and the 'music lines' that can be traced around the world.

In addition, ensemblebash has a workshop available for smaller numbers, Shake, Rattle & Bash, in which ethnic percussion styles and composition methods are explored. Both workshops are adaptable for all ages.

ensemblebash are Artists-in-Residence for Chance for Children, a charity which seeks to help underprivileged children realise their true worth through musical discovery. A set of workshops with Chance for Children led to a performance on BBC television's Blue Peter.

Plans for follow up material are being constructed at present. If schools or individuals wish to contact the group for further ideas, the members of ensemblebash are always willing to help.

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"...left the audience agape with shock and excitement . . .nothing was more spectacular than the dexterity of these gentlemen on Ghanaian drums, playing with so much zeal as though they were localites."
The Ghanaian Chronicle

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